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Vanity Telephone Numbers Are Inexpensive Business Solutions

Industry competition has become highly competitive especially nowadays that our economy has gone from bad to worst. Many business establishments have already shut down because they can no longer protract the economic crisis therefore, enhancing a business’ ability to keep on going with their operations daily is very important.

Toll free numbers surely enhance your business’ marketability and appeal. Marketers and businesses who are using these numbers know this but those who are still not using such numbers don’t have any idea on how much business they are missing out because of their skepticism. These numbers are reasonably priced business solution for all the communication requirements of all companies. These numbers are more or less classified in to two different special forms which are gauged in terms of their marketability appeal – vanity numbers and ordinary toll free or 800 numbers.

These numbers can definitely enhance your business’ notoriety in a positive way. With getting the perfect number for your business, you can gain supplementary word of mouth exposure as your loyal customers talk about your products or services and your exceptional marketing strategies. Employing these numbers may be a luxury to some because of the price but the returns are definitely impressive.

By providing your valued customers with a toll free vanity telephone number, you have set the industry competition up a notch with your undeniable quality customer service. This way, you are providing your customers free, unrestricted and unrestrained access to your company through your customer service representatives. As a result, your patrons will feel secured because they know that you can be easily contacted should problems arise.

Human Resource Outsourcing: The Ultimate Business Solution?

For years now, many companies in and out of the United States have been practicing human resource outsourcing. Lower labor and operational costs, as well as the efficiency to which the tasks are finished are two of the primary reasons why this has become a popular business decision.

The question is, is outsourcing really the ultimate business solution?

‘Defining Outsourcing’

Basically, outsourcing happens when a company entrusts specific tasks that should have been part of its internal operations to a supplier or a subcontractor which expertise lie in that field.

For example, a company will concentrate on manufacturing a particular product would not want to deal with the customer service side of the business. They will outsource the customer service needs of the company to an outside subcontractor which specializes in offering good customer service to its clients.

The company might require the subcontractor to answer calls or reply to customer e-mail messages and other related tasks. This is when the sharing of trust and responsibilities happen, that is why trust should be built between the client and the third-party or subcontractor.

‘Human Resource Outsourcing’

Before concluding whether outsourcing is really good or bad for the business, take a look at the advantages of human resource outsourcing:

- Reduced Costs

There is such a thing as offshore outsourcing. With this, a company in the United States may outsource its customer service or manufacturing operation to a third part contractor outside of the country where labor costs are cheaper.

This is the main principle applied that is why a lot of companies do outsource part or all of their labor needs to a third party service provider.

- More Efficient Service

Because of the specialization of these third-party service providers, the quality of service required by a company can be consistently met.

Meanwhile, here is a list of the specific tasks which are outsourced:

1. Customer Service Functions

This is the most common type of service outsourced to a foreign country. With the emergence of the call center industry in offshore locations, labor and operational costs are easily reduced.

The services offered by third-party vendors include answering customer service inquiry calls, technical support, replying to e-mail messages, online support, telemarketing, sales and data gathering.

2. Research and Data-gathering Services

Data gathering, data analysis and research services can also be outsourced. On a smaller scale, a company who is building a web site might need content writers and web site developers. They can get outside help to get a lower cost for the writing and building of the web site.

On a larger scale, companies dealing with a huge amount of data that needs updating everyday will outsource the services for the data analysis.

Just like any other aspects in running a business, outsourcing has its low and high points. In deciding whether your company should outsource specific tasks to an outside service provider, make sure that you have weighed all of your options.

Consider the costs and implications in the quality of service that you will get. Once you have made an analysis as to whether the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages, then outsourcing might just prove to be the solution in pushing your business to the next level.

Sony Ericsson P990i – A Classy Business Solution

Symbian-smartphones by Sony Ericsson were a standard for the maximum set of functions, functionality and outstripped the time. Over the years, Sony Ericsson smartphones viz the P series has been successful in craving out a name for themselves. Their latest P series offering – the Sony Ericsson P990i lives up to the legacy created by earlier models like P800i, P900i and P910i. This new addition to business solution portfolio is aimed to counter the spat of Series 60 devices of Nokia. Fittingly, the Sony Ericsson P990i features Symbian operating system v9.1 with UIQ 3.0.

The handset’s designers have opted for a very classy and clean look. A modest yet stylish sliver casing is apt to appeal to the handset’s target audience. After all, the Sony Ericsson P990i is a 3G business solution. This smartphone is not among the slimmest with dimensions reading 114 x 57 x 26 mm. The device weighs a robust 150 grams, thus giving an impression of its durability. First thing one would notice in the Sony Ericsson P990i is its rich TFT based touchscreen. The handset features a smart flip which houses the numeric keys. But when you open it, a full set of QWERTY keypad is found underneath it. The device boasts of Handwriting Recognition so that you can instantly scribble minutes on the Sony Ericsson P990i just like that on your note pad.

This business solution offers full PIM functionality apart from various office application. Built in SyncML 1.2 is an easy way to synchronize your contacts with any external device in an instant. The Sony Ericsson P990ifeatures 3G functionality that includes high speed web surfing and video calling. In absence of 3G networks, your data needs are taken care of by the handset’s embedded GPRS and EDGE technology. The handset is armed with a Opera 8.0 browser along with RSS feed support. Other modes of connectivity includes WiFi, USB v2.0, Infrared and Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP profile.