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Channel Partner Portal As an Effective Business Solution

Many companies engage in and rely on many kinds of alliances to make most out of their business. Retailing, dealership, and reselling are just some of the common terms for these partnerships.

In the Information Technology industry, particularly in software development, the term ‘channel partnership’ is often used to denote the nature of the partnership between a manufacturer or producer and a dealer or reseller. A channel partner is a company or vendor that enters into a deal with a manufacturer to market and sell the products, technologies, or services produced by the manufacturer. Through this arrangement, manufacturers have the chance to promote their products or services, while the channel partners have access to profitable products or services and the necessary tools and resources to market them. This symbiotic business set up or relationship enables both parties to share in the profit.

Channel partnership is an effective business module that in fact, most major IT companies have adapted this marketing tool to enhance their production. Well-known examples are IT giants IBM, Microsoft, and AMD. Notice that these companies are international corporations, which means they all supply products and services for a global market.

To establish an effective partnership and maximize the benefit they can obtain from it, manufacturers often create a channel partner portal for their resellers. It is usually a real-time web-based application equipped with marketing resources, sales and pricing details, and technical support for a manufacturer’s partners. The portal is typically hosted on the manufacturer’s server, and can be accessed by channel partners through a granted access in the official manufacturer’s website. Through this business tool, both parties have direct access to all strategies and solutions for sustaining a mutually beneficial business relationship.

Aside from marketing and sales, a partner portal is also an effective solution for monitoring progress, improving performance, updating certain skills of the partners or resellers. Some businesses, especially those working for a global market, will often find the need to implement an “upgrade” for a set of skills critical for boosting company sales.

An example of a channel partner portal created for this purpose is the Arabic training module recently developed and introduced by AMD for its Middle Eastern partners. The goal is to equip their partners in Middle East, Turkey, and Africa with the latest skills for better communication with their customers. To achieve this goal, AMD came up with a training portal with multimedia (text, audio, and video) integration for easier navigation. It is worth noting that the portal was created in Arabic, an important detail to ensuring that AMD’s Middle East wing will have the best understanding of the head company’s goals and purpose for the training.

Channel partner portals have been popular business solutions both for small and large business enterprises. If you think your business needs one, there are many channel management companies that offer customizable solutions for all kinds of purpose or goals. Choose the one with best offers, tools, and accessibility options for your needs.

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When the Internet Hit the Business

When an entrepreneur thinks about new business solutions for a marketing campaign, there are many things that start coming to mind. But whatever one decides to put their efforts into, there is one area in business that relates to almost any person living on the globe – the Internet, or World Wide Web.

Today, the Internet has about 2 billions of users, which not only include regular users, who search for particular data they need, it also includes people, who want and who do profit from using the Internet. If you take a closer look, you will find tons of various online marketplaces and services. Some of the services are free, but you would have to pay certain fees in order to use most of them. And if ten years ago, it was an ongoing struggle on the international trade market in profiting from regular shops, TV transmissions, phone services, deliveries, etc., today a significant part of the things people can earn money from is concentrated in the World Wide Web. Now, you can buy anything from a pencil to a two-storied house in Colorado, for example, by just clicking your mouse several times.

Start from Creating an Appearance

If you’ve decided to move your business to the Internet, or you want to start an online business, you’ve got lots of things to take care of. If you live in Colorado, you should probably look for Internet marketing solutions in Denver, since it is the capital of the state, and it certainly has more quality services, than the other cities. This is true for any other state – for instance, you will find a lot more affordable and quality Internet business solutions in Los Angeles, than the other cities, if you live in California.

Now, the very first thing you should take care of, when starting an Internet based business, is to create a face of your business. Website designing is a very essential thing in online based business. When you have an ugly looking website, you won’t get many customers, even though you might have awesome services or the best deals on the Internet. The way your website looks is the first thing a customer ever notices about your business, and you know that the first impression lasts for a long time, if not forever. Thus, if you want to attract customers, each of whom is critical for your business, you would have to find the best services of website designing in Denver (if you live in the State of Colorado) according to your budget.

When the Face Is Done

When you have the nicely looking website, you must think about web development. This is another step for your business, which you don’t want to avoid. Once again, if you’re in Colorado, search for services of web development in Denver, since people from the capital of the state would probably be more qualified and proficient than people from the other state’s regions. Web development will help to pull out your website in front of other online based businesses. Of course, it also depends on the quality of the services you provide. But in the terms of your web presence, these several steps are essential in the world’s new business solutions today.