Healthcare IT Business Solutions

Healthcare providers are at the forefront of innovation and creating new solutions to impact all areas of the healthcare system. There are many performance solutions that have helped to streamline patient care, improve processes and advance clinical management. Here are 5 business solutions for enhancing healthcare performance.

1) Community Hospital Information Systems

o Community hospitals face a unique set of demands – to improve patient safety and financial performance they require a comprehensive, integrated solution at a cost they can afford today and long term.

2) Document Imaging Software

o As the U.S. government calls for the accelerated use of IT in healthcare as well as implementation of an electronic health record, finding the right partner to power your organization and ensure it runs more efficiently is critical. document imaging systems provide the power to transform hospital information management (HIM) departments that are drowning in paper into new, efficient e-HIM environments with electronic medical records systems providing improved financial and clinical results.

3) Enterprise Resource Planning

o Today’s healthcare organizations need an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that provides patient-focused computing – putting the safety and efficacy needs of patients in the forefront – while providing the broad-scale data needed to identify performance improvement needs, implement changes and track the results of the initiatives on an enterprise-wide scale. ERP solutions focuses on integrating information and process flow within each facility and along the entire supply chain.

4) Surgical Solutions

o Given the high degree of fixed costs associated with labor and excess capacity, surgical services technology solutions offer the best avenue for improvement. Effective solutions allow organizations to streamline workflow and provide for improved performance management leading to increased capacity, enhanced OR throughput, lower costs and increased operating margins.

5) Workforce Management Solution

o By maintaining labor rule continuity between scheduling, time and attendance, and payroll, the workforce management solution suite streamlines workflow across the enterprise. The workforce management solution also anticipates the fluctuating need for staff based on the clinical needs of patients and optimizes staff deployment through patient-centric staffing.

Healthcare providers need to continue to create solutions to empower the industry and find ways to manage the systems efficiently, effectively and profitably while maintaining a high level of healthcare.