Why the Blackberry Bold 9700 Mobile Phone is the Perfect Portable Business Solution

Online business are becoming more and more common these days, and more and more people are starting to wonder if the BlackBerry Bold 9700 mobile phone is the best solution. Many of these new business owners are being thrown into a completely different world because they lost their job and have run out of a way to put food on the table. A mobile phone like the Blackberry Bold is the perfect communications solution for them when they are on the go.

While the monthly plan may not be very cheap, it is a much better option than having to carry a laptop and air card around to talk and answer emails. Just about everyone already has a mobile phone plan of some sort, so upgrading the phone and adding some features to the plan will not be that big of a deal.

The Blackberry Bold is a top of the line Blackberry mobile phone that is offered via contract through AT&T. In order to have this phone, the user must have a data plan added to their normal minutes plan. Because it is a Smartphone, the data plan structure is a little different, but there are more features available for the user. For the most part, a person can expect to spend about $120 a month for their contract and have a mobile phone that has all the bells and whistles included.

Now that we have the money issue settled, it is time to talk about why this phone is such a cheap business solution for the online business owner. First of all, the phone has about every feature imaginable. However, the best feature is its ability to answer emails with ease on the full QWERTY keyboard. The keys are large enough that just about anyone can become proficient typing out messages. Watch someone that has had one for a while and they can probably type as quick on their Blackberry as most people can on their computer.

The Blackberry Bold also has incredible video streaming capabilities. While earlier versions of the phone were adequate, they simply do not compare to the features of this phone. This means that the business owner will literally have access to just about any site available on the Web, not just mobile sites. We have all suffered through the frustration of waiting what seemed like forever for a download only to be told that the site was not available. That will never happen with this phone.

These are some of the basic features of the phone, but there is so much more to the Blackberry Bold than the few features mentioned here. Word processing, video streaming, picture taking, applications and anything else you can think of make up what is arguably the best mobile phone on the market today. Everyone else can have their Droids and iPhones, I’m sticking with my Blackberry!